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Thank you for those who sacrificed their time and prayer for this project for the cause of saving families. 


David Everett and JoAnne Everett

Formal Founder of CPC at Phoenix

Phoenix Seminary

Soul Work

Mending The Soul

Calvary Community Church

Calvary Women's Ministry

Center For Arizona Policy

Crisis Pregnancy Center at Greater


Allen T. Sawyer MD, LTD

Wide Open Film

Mind’s Eye Production

Banner Good Samaritan Medical

Center in Phoenix Arizona

Kimberly Jarman Photography

Good Faith Casting

Arizona Women’s Specialists Obstetrics

and Gynecology

Phoenix Christian Counseling

Church on the Street

Kelly Cassady Counseling Services.

Voice, ProLife Student Club at Grand

Caynon University

Marathon Press

Xulon Publication

Salem Communication


Koinonia 1360AM KPXQ

Diane Zapponi Paisley 1360AM KPXQ

Bold Living 1360AM KPXQ

Wilkins Communications Network, Inc

Editing Addict

Abba's Writer's Group

Kierland Dental, LLC

Inseong Gallery

Barbara Martin, Artist

Church on the Street

Elizabeth Fair

Father matters

Nicki Cornett

Many More Friends Who helped Us In Sharing Our Story



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