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 My Dear Sammy is the testimonial DVD, Steven and Inseong’s true story, how they found the grace of God and went through healing and reconciliation with God and their baby, Samuel K. Kim. Steven and Inseong now live in peace because of the grace of God at Calvary and God’s forgiveness.

Dear Friends,

More than 60 million mothers and fathers seek healing from the guilt caused by abortion. Some of us faced such difficulties that we chose abortion to avoid the fear of having a child or to relieve from our suffering of having a child. For others of us, abortion was not even our willful choice but was introduced with a deception. Regardless of the reasons, we find ourselves still suffering because we could not defend our babies. Many times, we are unaware of the depth of our pain. We are afraid to delve into the pain behind our endless stream of tears or to share that pain with others. Over time, we may harden our hearts to protect ourselves from the fear of condemnation or rejection from others. The pain is indescribable and is sometimes invisible to others.

I share my story to comfort many friends who cry alone—not even knowing why they are crying. No one seems to understand you, but God does understand you. He longs to comfort you. Whether a woman experiences the trauma of infertility, miscarriage, or abortion, her pain is the same, as her wails of agony cannot express her grief and sorrow. God grieves with you.

My son’s name was Samuel. Although Samuel lived for only seven weeks, he left a powerful imprint on so many lives. Samuel’s brief life expresses the deep love of Christ for us. God accepts us as we are. No one will ever love us the way our God does. Through Samuel, King David was anointed and became a king of Israel who saved many people around him. He was a man after God’s own heart.

David was a warrior from when he was youth and had a victory everywhere he went. God was with him even through the valley of death. David, himself experience the sin that he could not ever imagine he would do such a thing, yet God allowed him to fall. There was a reason.

God is bigger than we think. Through the sin with Bathsheba, King David experienced the pain of losing a child. He understood what was his mission was. God gave David another son named Solomon. Nathan, the prophet who confronted David's sin, came to deliver the grace of God. Nathan gave another name for Solomon; Jedidiah which means loved by the Lord.

David understood the deep pain of God for those who are killed by sacrificing their own children.

God intervenes through King David and finishes the war with Ammonite and has an amazing victory. He put the crown of Moloch on his head.

Many babies are lost through abortion, but they are all with Jesus as Pastor Mark shared with us at the memorial service for our Samuel. “Jesus said, `Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” Matthew 19:14 NIV

Although life on earth is full of pain, God does not want us to remain trapped in that pain. He wants to deliver us from the dark places that confine us so that we can live the full lives that He promises us. God’s love frees us from the bondage of sin and death. He wants us to free others. Nothing compares to living a life in Christ. Receiving His love brings tremendous healing to our souls. We carefully created this DVD to guide you as you experience the love of Christ in a special way. We hope it will bless your heart.

We pray that this DVD can help you to see the light that God has placed before you and that you will be inspired to share this DVD with your family and friends. Remember, God can heal you and me and restore us as we come and draw near to Him. When we truly understand the love of God, God will guide us to see our Savior. May the God of peace and joy be with you!

It does not matter how we arrived on the shore of despair because God’s love does not change. We will eventually arrive on the other side—the shore of joy in Christ.

Inseong Kim


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